Leaving U-M

Whether you can continue to use your uniqname, MCommunity Directory profile, and computing services after leaving U-M depends on whether you retain any affiliation to the university.

Download or Transition Data From Your Account

If you will lose access to some or all U-M computing services, see Managing Your Digital Files and Information When You Leave U-M for information to help you transition files, messages, and other digital data that you want to keep.

Special Circumstances

In cases where ownership of digital files and information is not transferred before an employee leaves the university—or when a U-M account holder becomes incapacitated or dies—units and others may need access to that information for U-M business reasons. In rare cases, people with a personal relationship to the account holder may want to retrieve personal materials held in a U-M account. For information about requesting access, see Getting Access to Someone Else's Account.