Sponsored People

Sponsorship is a means for U-M units to provide a person who has a university affiliation with a uniqname and online identity for university purposes when that person does not already have an active uniqname. Sponsorship also provides access to U-M standard computing services for university purposes.

Sponsor System

The Sponsor System is used to create uniqnames and online identities for sponsored affiliates, people who are affiliated with the university but who otherwise would not receive uniqnames. Sponsored affiliates include, for example, conference attendees, contractors, incoming faculty who need access to U-M resources before the hiring process is complete, and others.

The Sponsor System allows units to sponsor people as members of the U-M community for specified periods of time. An individual may be sponsored by more than one unit.

Authorized U-M staff members can use the system. To use the system, you must become a sponsorship administrator. You can identify the sponsorship administrator for your department using the Sponsor Admin Lookup tool.

Uniqname Types: Regular and Temporary

Sponsor Administrators may choose either a regular or temporary uniqname for Sponsored Affiliates:

Regular Uniqnames with UMIDs

These sponsored people receive a regular uniqname and UMID, as well as a Wolverine Access/M-Pathways entry. Each person is entitled only to one regular uniqname; if a Sponsored Affiliate subsequently becomes a student, staff or faculty member they will continue to use the uniqname they initially received as a Sponsored Affiliate. Regular uniqnames can be reactivated. People receiving regular uniqnames:

  • Incoming Faculty/Staff (who may need a uniqname before they complete the hiring process) This includes incoming regular and temporary employees.
  • Contractors
  • Academic Affiliates
  • Other University Affiliates

Temporary Uniqnames without UMIDs

These sponsored people receive a temporary uniqname. Once the sponsorship expires, the uniqname cannot be reactivated.

People can receive new temporary uniqnames if their old one expires and if they become students, staff or faculty they will receive a separate, regular uniqname. People receiving temporary uniqnames:

  • Short-Term Guests

Note: In the past, Sponsor Administrators were able to create regular uniqnames without UMIDs (Long-Term Guests). If your unit is interested in this type of account, contact the ITS Service Center for consultation with the ITS Identity and Access Management team.

Computing Services for Sponsored People

Services that Sponsored People Receive

Sponsored affiliates automatically receive some services, and others can be requested. The services received depend on the type of sponsorship. See this public ITS Knowledge Base article for details: Services Received for Sponsored Uniqnames.

Access to services ends when the sponsorship expires.

Some Services Can Be Requested

  • Departments can request access to My LINC. If sponsored people need access to take training courses in My LINC, departments can submit a request to the ITS-MyLINC group via the ITS Service Center.
  • Departments can request printing. If sponsored people need a printing allocation, departments can request this on the Print Account Provisioning page.
  • Sponsored affiliates can request access to Adobe Creative Cloud. Use this online form: University of Michigan Adobe Access Requests.

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