End of Employment

Access Removed After a Grace Period

Faculty and staff whose employment with U-M is terminated, and who have no other affiliation with the university, lose eligibility for U-M standard computing services. They lose access after a grace period.

Note: There is not currently a grace period for U-M Microsoft Office 365. Access to it and its downloaded apps is lost as soon as active affiliation is removed.
  1. When the faculty or staff affiliation is removed from the person's MCommunity Directory profile, an automated email notice is sent letting them know that they will lose access to most U-M standard computing services in 30 days.
  2. Thirty days later, access to the services ends.
  3. The uniqname and MCommunity directory profile remain active for a little over a year. This allows the former employee to forward their U-M email to another account, log in to Wolverine Access for their W-2 form, and perform other such transitional activities.

Transition files, email, and more before losing access.

Alumni. Note that faculty and staff who are also alumni are eligible to keep some services because of their alumni status.

Continued access for U-M work. Former employees who need continued access to departmental systems must make arrangements with their department to become sponsored. Should they later return to the university—whether as a sponsored person, employee, or student—their uniqname can be reactivated.

Departmental and Administrative Access

Removal of access to departmentally provided services is handled by the providing department. Departments can request removal of access to enterprise administrative systems using the Online Access Request System (OARS). This process should also be followed whether the person leaves the university entirely or just changes roles or jobs within it.

MiWorkspace units can submit individual offboarding requests for employees or have them automated. See Submit a MiWorkspace Offboarding Request.