Information for Graduating Students

As a U-M alum, you will now have access to use alumni computing services. It has been a pleasure to provide you with computing services during your time at the University of Michigan. Best wishes on your future academic and professional endeavors.

Some of your U-M computing services will end soon

If you’re not returning to U-M next term as a student or faculty/staff member, you will no longer be able to use some services as an alum, including:

Software and computing

Cloud storage


Before your last day of classes...

Download the U-M Tech Cheat Sheet for Graduating Students PDF for a summary of the U-M computing services you keep and lose as an alum. 

Note: The exact timing of when you lose access to these services depends on when your U-M affiliation changes from “student” to “alum”. The timing of this change is different for each school or college. For specific information on when your affiliation will change, contact your school or college’s registrar. ITS strongly encourages you to take the steps below before the last day of classes to ensure that you have enough time to export your data before you lose access. If you need assistance, please contact the ITS Service Center.

Save or transfer any files you wish to keep for the following ITS services

Software and computing

  • Canvas: Download any content from courses in Canvas that you wish to keep. This might include instructional materials (e.g. presentations, videos, PDFs, etc.) as well as any materials that you have uploaded to Canvas as part of your coursework (e.g. assignment submissions, papers, etc.).
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Migrate your content to a free Adobe personal membership where you can store your work. You may purchase an individual Adobe account to continue using Adobe applications.
  • LinkedIn Learning: Connect your U-M LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn profile to retain your training history. You may purchase a personal LinkedIn Learning account to continue using LinkedIn Learning after you leave U-M.
  • U-M Microsoft 365: Download or transfer any files you wish to keep from your U-M Microsoft 365 account. ITS recommends transferring your OneDrive and SharePoint files to Google Drive.
  • AFS home directory and personal website hosting: Download or transfer files you have stored in AFS using MFile over the web.

Cloud storage

  • U-M Box: Download or transfer your U-M Box files from your university account to your computer or a personal Box account.
  • U-M Dropbox: Download and save your U-M Dropbox files from your university account to your computer or a personal Dropbox account.


  • U-M Zoom: Download any of your Zoom cloud recordings from your U-M account that you want to keep. You may sign up for a free basic Zoom account to continue using Zoom. ITS recommends saving your Zoom cloud recordings to Google Drive.
  • BlueJeans: Download any recordings you wish to keep. ITS recommends saving your BlueJeans recordings to Google Drive.

Update your information

  • UM Emergency Alerts: Continue receiving Ann Arbor campus emergency alerts through the Michigan App, the U-M Public Safety App, or by following the Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS) on Facebook and Twitter. The apps send alerts quickly and are great if you are staying in the Ann Arbor area. You will no longer receive emergency alerts by voice, text message, or email approximately 14 days after your last day of classes.
  • Enter or update recovery information for your UMICH account that will allow you to reset your UMICH password if you forget it.

Protect yourself

  • Continue to use Duo two-factor authentication. Although you are not required to use Duo as an alum, it is still a great idea to use two-factor since it provides an important extra layer of security for U-M resources and your personal information.
  • Set up the VPN service for alumni if you need to use it to continue to access U-M resources. Note: Your access to the VPN service you used as a student will be discontinued.

Stay informed

  • Follow @umichTECH for the latest technology tips for the U-M community.