Standard Computing Services

All eligible members of the U-M community on the Ann Arbor campus receive the standard computing services at no charge when they join the U-M community. See Getting a U-M Account and Computing Services for details.

Those eligible to receive the services include all Ann Arbor students, faculty (including emeritus faculty), full-time or part-time staff, and sponsored affiliates. To be eligible as a student, you must be listed by your department as Active in Program. The criteria for this status varies from academic unit to unit. If you are unsure about your status, check with your department. Questions about eligibility can be directed to the ITS Service Center.

Included Services

  • Uniqname and UMICH password.
  • U-M Google account.* Includes Google Mail, Calendar, Docs/Drive, Google+, Contacts, Sites, and more. U-M Google Mail and Drive include unlimited storage.
  • U-M Box with unlimited cloud file storage.
  • Laser printing in the Campus Computing Sites and University Libraries. (Sponsored affiliates do not receive printing unless requested by their sponsorship administrator.) Check your printing usage.
  • A profile in the MCommunity Directory.
  • A profile in Canvas, the university's learning management system.
  • ITS Service Center assistance with the standard computing services.

Optional Services

The following services are automatically provisioned for students, faculty and staff affiliated with the College of Engineering. Other members of the U-M community who are eligible for the standard computing services may self-provision themselves to receive these services using the AFS Self-Provisioning Tool.


* Due to various federal regulations that place restrictions on how sensitive regulated data is handled, a number of Ann Arbor groups—such as Medical students, Michigan Medicine Exchange users, and some research units—use an email and calender service provided by HITS instead of U-M Google Mail and Calendar. People in those units do not receive access to those two applications through their Google Apps UMICH accounts.