End of Sponsorship

Sponsored people immediately lose the use of their uniqname and access to U-M computing services upon the expiry of their sponsorship, unless the person has another affiliation(s) with U-M (such as alumni or retiree).

If a sponsoring department wishes to extend a sponsorship, it must do so before the sponsorship expires. If the sponsored person has another relationship with the university when the sponsorship expires, the use of their uniqname continues because of that other relationship. For example, temporary staff retain the use of their uniqname as long as they are employed by U-M.

Depending on the sponsorship type, it may or may not be possible to reactivate a deactivated uniqname.

  • Temporary uniqnames cannot be reactivated after they expire, because there is insufficient identity information on file to verify the person's identity.
  • Regular uniqnames associated with sponsorships for contractors, incoming faculty/staff, temporary staff, and academic affiliates can be reactivated by re-sponsoring the person. This is because these sponsorships require the entry of more identity data and include a UMID. It is thus possible to verify the person's identity.

Departmental and Enterprise System Access

Removal of access to departmentally provided or purchased services, as well as administrative and elevated access, should be initiated by the person's sponsoring department or unit. See UHR Procedure: 201.40 Termination of Employment for a link to download the most recent version of the U-M Termination Checklist, which has helpful information about requesting removal of such access. The information is intended for use with terminated employees, but some of it is also applicable to sponsored people. Department can request removal of access to enterprise administrative systems by using the Online Access Request System (OARS).