M-Pathways Student Administration System (SA)

The M-Pathways Student Administration system provides a single source for information about students and the administrative data that supports learning and teaching at U-M. The system shares the information contained in the integrated database across the administrative and academic units on the Ann Arbor campus.

Student Administration (SA) advisory groups ensure that the strategic and tactical plans of ITS Student Administration align with U-M's mission, goals, and administrative needs.

Values used in the Student Administration System are available in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Student Administration Modules

  • Campus Community
    Spans the Student Administration System and the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). It stores demographic information about all members of the university community in one location, eliminating the need to re-enter data when an individual changes his or her status.
  • Curriculum
    Supports the capture and maintenance of data related to the courses and classes available at the University of Michigan.
  • Financial Aid
    Enables U-M staff to establish eligibility for federal, state and institutional need-based aid and for merit-based aid; evaluate and monitor aid-related communications; provide per-event and cumulative fiscal management reporting for all aid programs; and manage student work-study employment.
  • Student Financials
    Supports university staff who manage student accounts and information. It also supports admissions activities by processing application fees and enrollment deposits, and it interfaces with the Financial Aid module.
  • Recruiting/Admissions
    Captures personal information when a prospective student first communicates with U-M. This initial record is modified when an individual's relationship with U-M changes (such as from prospect to applicant, to student, to financial aid recipient, to graduate, to professional school applicant, or to employee).
  • Student Records
    Used to capture and maintain data related to students' academic endeavors and performance. Key processes supported by the Student Records module include: student academic program maintenance, academic advisement, enrollment (a.k.a. registration), curriculum maintenance, grading, and graduation.
  • Degree Audit Reports
    Provide information about the academic requirements needed for graduation.