M-Pathways Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

The M-Pathways Human Resources Management System (HRMS) provides a single source of information about U-M employees, prospective employees, and retirees, eliminating the effort of maintaining and coordinating individual databases within different departments. The system shares information across the administrative and academic units on all three U-M campuses, in U-M Hospital and Health Services, and in university departments that provide staff services (such as Athletics and Parking Operations).

HRMS Modules

  • Campus Community
    Spans the Student Administration System and the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). It stores demographic information about all members of the university community in one location, eliminating the need to re-enter data when an individual changes his or her status.
  • Benefits Administration
    Used by the Benefits Office staff to manage benefit services for U-M faculty and staff and retired faculty and staff.
  • Human Resources
    Provides a single source of information about employees and applicants. U-M units use the Human Resource module to communicate changes to employment records to Human Resource Records Information System (HRRIS) including: job data changes, salary distribution changes, additional pay, effort certification, leaves, terminations, Form Gs, and instructional hiring.
  • Payroll
    Used by the Payroll Office staff to maintain payroll data and manage the payroll processes. It captures employee attendance and timekeeping information, produces checks and statements of earnings (paystubs), distributes salary and fringe benefits to staff and retirees, processes remittances to government agencies for whom deductions are taken, and creates required tax documents.
  • Time & Labor
    Provides a resource for managing all aspects of time and labor tracking.