Recruiting/Admissions Module

The Recruiting/Admissions module captures personal information when a prospective student first communicates with U-M. This initial record is modified when an individual's relationship with U-M changes (such as from prospect to applicant, to student, to financial aid recipient, to graduate, to professional school applicant, or to employee).

Personal information collected in the Recruiting/Admissions module is shared with other Student Administration System modules, as well as with the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), via the Campus Community module. Maintaining a single source of personal information helps units eliminate duplicate data entry and reduces the possibility of errors.

Uses of the Recruiting/Admissions module include:

  • Processing and updating student prospect data.
  • Processing and updating applicant data and applications for admission.
  • Sharing prospect information and application data across schools and departments.
  • Creating letter templates for mass mailings or individual letters using Microsoft Word.
  • Tracking communication with prospects and applicants for admissions.
  • Generating rosters, mailing labels, prospect lists and a variety of reports.