M-Pathways Financials & Physical Resources System

The M-Pathways Financials & Physical Resources system consists of the following integrated modules, which provide information to and rely on information from one another.

Financials Modules

  • Accounts Receivable & Billing
    Allow the university to bill, record, and track payments for sponsored research and centralized general receivables.
  • General Ledger
    Used to record all of the university's financial transactions. Users can view and maintain budget data, as well as add and maintain unit-defined commitments.
  • Procurement
    Involves all processes used to request, order, audit, and pay for goods and services.

Physical Resources Modules

  • Asset Management
    Used to track and maintain information about the university’s assets, including their identification, acquisition data, current status, and financial data. This module allows users to update the description, location, and unit contact information for assets belonging to their department(s).
  • Inventory
    Used by some university units to order, replenish, and track the supplies that they warehouse.
  • Space Management
    Used to maintain and update data about university buildings, rooms, and facilities. This module allows users to add and change their department’s space data in order to authorize and submit the annual Space Survey, as well as submit space data changes, identify and report on departmental data, and track room elements throughout the year.