Updated M-Pathways Pages

The following M-Pathways pages have been updated:

New Benefits Pages - Coming July 2022!

Coming July 2022, Benefits pages used for Open and Enrollment and Newly Benefit-Eligible employees will have a new look!
Benefits Before and After screenshot

After clicking either the Benefits Self-Service or Employee Self Service link, available on Wolverine Access, links will display based upon the time of year or eligibility to enroll.

During Open Enrollment (held each Fall), an Open Enrollment tile will display with important information and a countdown clock. You can click on the tile, when available, to review and make selections for the following calendar year.
Open Enrollment tile

If you are a newly benefit-eligible staff member, the UM New Benefits Eligibility tile will display on the Benefits or Employee Self Service homepages, when applicable.
UM New Benefits Eligibility tile

If you have had a recent 'life event', you can also initiate the life event using the Initiate Life Event Elections tile, also available on the Benefits or Employee Self Service homepages.
Initiate Life Event Elections tile

At any time, eligible employees can also initiate retirement savings elections or make eligible changes using the Initiate Ret Savings Elections tile, also Benefits or Employee Self Service homepages.
Initiate Life Event Elections tile

Also new, the Benefits Statement tile, available on the Benefits or Employee Self Service homepages, allows you can select different statement types for viewing and printing.
Benefits Statement tile

A new mobile experience is available. The mobile experience is best used for Open Enrollment and New Hire events. Desktop is still recommended for Life and Retirement Savings events.
eBenefits Mobile screenshot

For more information on Benefits available at U-M, see the Benefits and Wellness website.

New Time Reporting

Time reporting will have a new look and feel!

Information and Technology Services (ITS) is working with partners in schools, colleges, and across the university's three campuses and Michigan Medicine to roll out a new design and additional functionality to time reporting. The upgrade will impact all employees who report, approve, or modify time. The upgrade will support a more mobile-friendly time reporting experience and ensure that the university maintains vendor support.

What will change?

  • The Timesheet is no longer one page.
  • New options have been added to report time.
  • Your method of time reporting (Punch User, Webclock, Elapsed Time, etc) will determine which tiles you see.
  • Your device (desktop, mobile etc.) will also determine which tiles you see.
  • The Time and Labor WorkCenter has also been updated (this is primarily for managers and timekeepers).
  • Personalized Homepage tiles or Favorites to the current Timesheet
*Note: Enhancements to the Time Entry and Time Summary pages occurred in March 2023. 

What will not change?

  • Processes and procedures
  • Time reporting dates and pay cycles
  • Time Reporting Codes (TRCs) and Static Groups
  • Queries

Fluid Time Reporting - Current and New including Mobile

Tips for Approvers

If you'd like to approve time similar to using the previous timesheet, use the Enter Time page. To view a system demonstration, start at minute 2:52. Desktop/Laptop/Tablet - Time and Labor WorkCenter

Learn More!

Overview of Change - a document that will assist current time reporting users with the new tiles and options available.

Video Overviews!

Presentation and system demonstration videos are listed below. The presentation videos include a recent presentation to campus, Q&A that occurred during the meeting, and a system demonstration. If you'd like to view just the system demonstration, click the appropriate link below the presentation video.

Michigan Medicine

In addition to the resources above, Michigan Medicine Human Resources has posted resources and videos on their website to assist MM staff in the transition.

Help Communicate!

Toolkit - a document with resources any department/unit can use to help communicate the time reporting changes to their department or fellow staff members.

View Leave Balances Page

Faculty and staff who are enrolled in leave plans maintained in M-Pathways can view leave balances page within M-Pathways Employee Self Service. The page is mobile-friendly.

View Leave Balances Page

New View Leave Balances Page

The View Leave Balances page displays:

  • Current leave balances.
  • The ability to drill down in each category to see accruals and usage along with the respective balance.

Paycheck Page

Faculty, staff, and student employees can view their paycheck page within M-Pathways. The page is mobile-friendly and includes additional analytics not available on the desktop version.

Payroll and Compensation Desktop View

Payroll and Compensation PC view

  • Updated look using the desktop version - PDFs still open in a new window when a check date is selected
  • Help for the Pay page is available using the Self Service Help tile on the Employee Self Service homepage.

Pay Page with Filter and Sort Options

Displays the New Pay Page with Filter and Display Options

  1. Displays most recent checks in descending order
  2. Filter option allows you to change the range of dates shown
  3. Sort option by check date or net pay

Mobile-Friendly Pages - Phone View

Displays the New Pay link.

Paycheck Summary View

Paycheck Summary View

  • Summary of pay in header
  • Tap to drill into details of earnings, taxes, etc. and see same info as on paycheck advice
  • Paycheck Analytics available
  • Tap "View PDF Paycheck" to launch current version, print using MPrint Mobile App

Earnings View (example)

Earnings Detail

  • Displays the same information as View Paycheck
  • View by Selected Check or Year-to-Date amounts
  • Tap Year-to-Date to see earnings earned throughout the year

Paycheck Analytics View

Pay Analytics

  • Analytics only available on phone
  • Displays breakdown of amounts for current pay check

Mobile-Friendly Applicant Experience

The web pages that appear after clicking “Apply Now” from the Careers website will be more mobile friendly and responsive, along with a new look and feel. The new streamlined application eliminates the degrees and employment preferences sections in addition to the comments sections that appear when the applicant answers “Yes” to the nepotism or conflict of interest questions.

Landing Page

The landing page includes the ability to view jobs posted in the last 7 days.

Landing Page

Desktop view

New Look - Desktop

Phone View

New Look - Mobile

Desktop View

Job Description on Desktop

Phone View

Job Description on Mobile

Activity Guide

The activity guide indicates the application steps to complete. All applicants will be required to agree to the terms and conditions before submitting an application.

Activity guide first page with terms and conditions agreement

The Application Questions page includes all current questions, however no comment box displays when an applicant answers "Yes" to the potential conflicts or known relatives questions. The Yes/No responses display on the Applicant Summary reports.

Second page of the activity guide showing questions

The resume upload page has no changes.

Page three of the activity guide,  resume upload

The sections for Employment Preferences and Degress have been removed from the Complete Application page.

Fourth page of the activity guide

There are no changes to the optional Self-Identify pages.

Fifth page of the activity guide showing the disability page of the self identify section

On the Review and Submit page, applicants can expand any section to review the information before submitting the application.

Sixth page of activity guide showing how to review information

From the Confirmation page, the applicant can return to the Careers home page or view the submitted application.

Application confirmation page