M-Pathways' integrated structure allows data to be shared among M-Pathways modules and between M-Pathways and other reporting systems. Sharing data facilitates the flow of information while offering a variety of options to obtain accurate financial data for reporting purposes.

The university's M-Pathways systems include:

Access to enterprise administrative and data systems is maintained through the Online Access Request System (OARS) and is based on need for access and agreement to appropriately use the information resources.

Wolverine Access provides access to the M-Pathways systems as well as to several other resources that are widely used by U-M students, faculty, and staff.

U-M Policies Safeguard Data

Information and Technology Services (ITS), along with the University's central administration, has initiated policies, which ensure that those who have access to administrative data understand their obligation to use the data responsibly and that confidential information is available only to those who need it for specific reporting purposes. Visit Safely Use Sensitive Data for more information.