Curriculum Module

The Curriculum module in the M-Pathways Student Administration System supports the capture and maintenance of data related to the courses and classes available at the University of Michigan.

Course Information

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the maintenance of course information. A "course" is that content which is proposed by faculty or departments, approved through the unit curriculum process, and entered into the system for units to build classes upon (e.g., Math 101 or Political Science 401). Department curriculum administrators use M-Pathways to review both general course information and specific information about classes each term.

Class Information

Departments maintain data about classes directly in M-Pathways. A "class" is an offering of a course for a specific term (e.g., Math 101, Section 1, for Fall Term 2003). Schools, colleges, and departments use the Curriculum module to:

  • Set up and schedule classes
  • Enter class notes
  • Link classroom characteristic requirements to classes
  • Set class enrollment limits
  • Link course topics to classes or define free-form topics
  • Reserve seats in classes for certain groups
  • Establish enrollment restrictions
  • Assign instructors to particular classes
  • Produce reports for curriculum administrators and to verify data

Event Scheduling

Some departments use M-Pathways to schedule events other than classes. This functionality is currently being used by the Registrar's Office and College of Engineering only. M-Pathways Event Scheduling lets users:

  • Create events and meetings
  • Create recurring meetings
  • Search for facilities
  • Request facilities owned by another department