U-M Google April Monthly Summary

May 20, 2021

The monthly U-M Google summaries inform the university community of Google releases. We communicate important information throughout the month.


Google has added four new types of citations in Google Docs. 

Google has made it easier to add information to your personal tasks in Google Tasks from the quick access panel without having to open the “Details” dialog box.

You can now see a preview of Google Maps locations from the quick access panel in Google Calendar.
    A GIF going into Google Calendar, creating a new event, adding a location to the event. On the right a panel opens that shows details of the location while still in Google Calendar.

Google Meet sessions have new safety controls on Android to help you manage who can share their screen and who can send chat messages within the meeting. These controls were previously available on the web.

Google has integrated a data saver setting into Google Meet for iOS and Android devices. When enabled, this will:

  • Limit data use.
  • Conserve battery power.
  • Lower the demand on your phone’s CPU.

Screenshot of a Android device, Going into Google Meet panel via top left button, entering settings and enabled Limit Data Usage

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