Google at U-M

U-M Google is a G Suite for Education software bundle that provides the core apps of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, Classroom, and Hangouts. It also includes over 40 other apps designed to improve collaboration.

New Google Sites to Replace Classic Sites.
Google launched a new Google Sites, which includes many new features as well as a new look and feel. Right now, both classic Google Sites and the new Google Sites are available. We encourage members of the university community to convert classic Sites and use the new Google Sites interface. Although Google has not yet announced a date to retire classic Sites, things can change very quickly with cloud services. 

Log into U-M Google Apps

Michigan Medicine members can access Google Apps (not Gmail and Calendar) using their account with their level one password. 

Other U-M Collaboration Tools

Sensitive Data

Google at U-M may be used with some types of sensitive data if used in the manner which is detailed in the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services. You are responsible for using Google appropriately with sensitive university data and taking the precautions listed on Security and Privacy in the U-M Google Environment.

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