Accounts, Access, & Identity Services

  • Uniqnames & Accounts
    There are different processes for getting a uniqname based on a person's relationship to the university.
  • Your U-M Online Identity
    Information such as name, address, and more is stored in various authoritative systems at U-M (for example, Wolverine Access) and fed to MCommunity. Individuals can provide additional information.
  • Friend Accounts
    These guest accounts allow people to log in to the U-M computing environment using their email address instead of a uniqname.
  • Sponsor System
    The Sponsor System allows authorized U-M staff members to create uniqnames and access to standard computing services for people for university affiliates who are not faculty, staff, or students.
  • Active Directory Accounts
    MCommunity data is used to provision and de-provision Active Directory UMROOT accounts through a real-time data feed from MCommunity.
  • Identity Governance Tool for U-M
    Identity Governance for U-M is an optional tool for strategically and proactively managing access to university digital and physical resources.
  • Losing Access to Computing Services
    MCommunity manages automated de-provisioning of access to the standard computing services when people leave the university. It also de-provisions access to some services when people transition from student to alumni or from employee to retiree.