Directory Services

ITS IAM Directory services are a shared information infrastructure that map resources for locating, managing, administering, and organizing university accounts, people, and groups. These directory services provide a centralized repository of directory information that a wide variety of U-M applications access. These directories are critical components of providing dynamic and flexible services to faculty, students, and staff.

Refer to a specific directory service page for information and support around that service:

  • Active Directory (UMROOT)
    Active Directory (UMROOT) provides the basis for the use of various Windows and Active Directory resources at U-M.
  • Grouper at U-M
    Grouper is an access management tool with current institutional data available to create groups and automatically sync them where they are needed to control access to services.
  • MCommunity Directory
    A public directory of people and groups at U-M. All current members of the U-M community have profiles inĀ MCommunity.
  • LDAP Access to MCommunity
    LDAP access to MCommunity Directory data is provided via the MCommunity LDAP Tree.