Passwords at U-M

UMICH (Level-1) Password

You use your UMICH password to log in to Wolverine Access and many other U-M computing services (such as U-M Google, your MCommunity Directory profile, and more). Choose a strong password and protect it.

Michigan Medicine (Level-2) Password

Members of the Michigan Medicine community have a second password, the Level-2 password, for accessing Michigan Medicine sites and resources. See HITS Accounts & Access for details.

Unit Password Management for Elevated Accounts

The university has licensed Passwordstate for password management within U-M units. Passwordstate is an on-premise, web-based solution for enterprise password management that allows teams of people to access and share sensitive password resources. It is typically used for managing elevated and administrative passwords, as well as passwords for smaller proprietary systems, such as research databases. For details, see Unit Password Management for Elevated Accounts.