Your U-M Online Identity

Your Name

You have some flexibility in what information about you is displayed publicly in your MCommunity Directory profile and in how your name appears in U-M systems.

  • Faculty and staff on all U-M campuses, students on the Ann Arbor campus, retirees, and some sponsored affiliates. Your legal name, as recorded in Wolverine Access, is used in many university systems that display your name, including MCommunity. If you prefer to go by another name (a shortened version of your first name, for example), you can set a preferred name to be used instead.
  • Dearborn students. Update your legal name by submitting a name change request to the Office of Registration & Records on the Dearborn campus.
  • Flint students. Use the Flint Registrar's Personal Information Update Form to request a change to your legal name.
  • Alumni. Update your name and other information about you in your alumni profile by making changes on the Alumni Association's Alumni & Friends Profile Update page.

Your MCommunity Directory profile displays your legal name—or your preferred name if you have set one. To help others find your profile in the directory, you can list additional Also Known As names to be used in directory searches. Some people list their nickname, or their maiden or birth name, for example.

MCommunity is being transformed! ITS IAM has begun work on the MCommunity Transformation project in order to enhance the MCommunity Directory service capabilities. Improvements address requests by the university community and updates infrastructure to improve security and stability.

Your Uniqname

Your uniqname is your U-M user ID or user name and is part of your email address. Uniqnames are made up of three to eight alphabetic characters (for example, bjensen). Once a uniqname is created and associated with multiple services, it is difficult to change (see Changing Your Uniqname). Choose your uniqname with care. If you maintain a life-long relationship with the university, you will have your uniqname for life. Your uniqname is public; you can tell anyone your uniqname.

For more, see the Uniqnames and Passwords.

Other Information in Your Directory Profile

Some information comes from your university record. Some of the information about you in your MCommunity Directory profile comes from your official university record. To have this information updated in MCommunity, you must update it in your offical record. It will then be updated automatically in MCommunity. For details, see:

You can enter additional information yourself. You can enter additional information that you want to make public about yourself. See Managing Your Profile in the MCommunity Directory for details.

Protect Your Identity and Password

Your UMICH password proves you are who you say you are. NEVER tell anyone your UMICH password—not even your parents, best friend, or computer support staff. Doing so would put all of your personal information stored within the U-M computing environment at risk. Select a safe UMICH password and keep it private.

The University of Michigan will NEVER ask you for your password, nor will the university send you email requesting your password information. Ignore all email messages requiring you to provide such information.

Protect yourself online by using strong passwords and being suspicious of attempts to get you to reveal information. Beware of those who would trick you into providing details that could be used to compromise your computing accounts—and the university's online resources.