Campus Computing Access

Software Availability

Visit the U-M Software Directory to view a full list of U-M’s available software. 

Due to software licensing agreements and regulations we are, unfortunately, unable to offer access to all Campus Computing Sites resources to all users at U-M.

Access Eligibility

  • Students (U-M Ann Arbor) - Access to all computing and software.
  • Faculty (U-M Ann Arbor) -  Access to all computing and software.
  • Staff (U-M Ann Arbor Admin) - Access to all computing, software restricted to teaching & learning roles will not be available.
  • Staff (U-M Ann Arbor Research) - Access to all computing. For staff involved in non-profit, publishable research an exception request can be submitted for specific titles.
  • Guests, Alumni & Retirees - No Access. Limited access, available at various library locations around campus.
  • Sponsored Affiliates - By exception request only.
  • U-M Flint & U-M Dearborn - Access to computing, but many software titles are restricted to Ann Arbor affiliates only.
  • Faculty (Michigan Medicine) - By exception request only.
  • Staff (Michigan Medicine) - No Access.

Due to different licensing with Microsoft, Campus Computing Sites is not able to provide Michigan Medicine Staff with access to Virtual Sites. 

Health Information Technology & Services does provide a remote desktop for Michigan Medicine staff to use. You can learn more about Remote Desktop Access and Windows Virtual Desktop options on the HITS website.

If you are medical staff involved in or supporting teaching & learning for the Medical School, please submit an exception request and we will review your use case.

More Ways to Access Software

If you don't have access to a software title through Campus Computing, there are other ways you may be able to access software.

For Work or School

For Personal Use

  • Check out the Tech Shop for discounted educational prices on popular software packages, like Adobe Creative Cloud.