Virtual Sites

Virtual Sites is a tool that allows faculty, staff and students to access a full Campus Computing Sites Windows desktop virtual desktop from any device. This provides on-the-go access to a broad range of licensed software. 

Virtual Sites is like a big, virtual computer lab that students can access from any stable internet connection. Virtual Sites users remotely connect to a full Campus Computing Site Windows desktop environment, from which they can access an expanded set of campus provided software using the AppsAnywhere web portal.


  • Active U-M Account
    Anyone with an active U-M Ann Arbor account is eligible to use Virtual Sites.
  • DUO Two-Factor Authentication
    Virtual Sites users must use DUO Two Factor Authentication. This can be configured at the Safe Computing DUO page.
  • Active Ann Arbor Affiliation
    Available software will be based on affiliation and role (i.e. faculty, staff, student, alumni, sponsored affiliate, guest). Additionally, Ann Arbor Campus affiliation is required to use the AppsAnywhere software library, except for certain freeware and open-access titles.
  • Stable Internet Connection
    Users will need a stable internet connection. A minimum connection speed of 3-5 MBPS is recommended for the average user. A high-bandwidth connection is recommended for a higher quality experience.