Virtual Sites

Virtual Sites Enhancements

In response to campus feedback and changing needs for this academic year, we're excited to announce several enhancements: 

  • Faster loading times
  • More storage
  • Better graphics
  • More virtual machines

Virtual Sites is a tool that allows faculty, staff and students to access a full Campus Computing Sites Windows desktop virtual desktop from any device. This provides on-the-go access to a broad range of licensed software.

Virtual Sites is like a big, virtual computer lab that students can access from any stable internet connection. Virtual Sites users remotely connect to a full Campus Computing Site Windows desktop environment, from which they can access an expanded set of campus provided software using the AppsAnywhere web portal.


  • Active U-M Account
    Anyone with an active U-M account is eligible to use Virtual Sites, but many software titles are limited to Ann Arbor use only.
  • Stable Internet Connection
    Users will need a stable internet connection. A minimum connection speed of 3-5 MBPS is recommended for the average user. A high-bandwidth connection is recommended for a higher quality experience.
  • Active Affiliation
    Available software will be based on affiliation and role (i.e. faculty, staff, student, alumni, sponsored affiliate, guest).