Sites @ Home

A limited number of devices are currently available for loan through end of winter semester (4/21). The request form may remain open after supply is exhausted. If we receive requests we are not immediately able to fulfill, we will reach out to confirm if you want to be placed on a waiting list or close your request.

In recognition of the technology barrier created by the pandemic and in support of a healthy, safe, and caring environment, ITS created the Sites @ Home laptop loaner program. It is available to students on the Ann Arbor campus to support your academic needs for up to two semesters.

You may check out a pre-configured Windows PC laptop with access to the Campus Computing Sites software library. You will have local administrative access on the laptop to install or configure software to meet your needs.

Who is this for?

The program is designed to assist graduate and undergraduate students on the Ann Arbor campus who:

  • Are in the United States.
  • Desire or need to avoid any shared worked spaces due to pandemic.
  • Strongly depended on Campus Computing Sites previously, will have limited or no access this fall.
  • Have a Mac but need Windows access.
  • Have a personal device that is not working/is incapable of performing necessary tasks.

How does it work?

  • Supply is limited so requests will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to students who have a financial need.
  • Students are only eligible for one loaner check-out at a time.
  • Laptops can be checked out for the remainder of the 2020–21 school year.
  • Laptops will be shipped directly to the mailing address provided by the requester. If requestor is local to Ann Arbor, we will attempt to coordinate on-campus pick-up.
  • Users must agree to a Sites @ Home laptop loaner program contract upon initiating a loan.

Interested students may request a loaner by completing the online request form.

Be sure to check with your school or college about similar programs.