Campus Computing Software

Our license agreements with each software company determine how and by whom each software title can be accessed. Some titles are limited to specific university roles (faculty, staff, student, etc.), to an operating system (Mac, Windows), and/or to remote use (Virtual Sites, Sites Anywhere).

You can browse the Sites Software List and filter based on user role and workstation type.

U-M Sites PC Workstations

Software on Sites Windows computers is available via AppsAnywhere, a software portal similar to an app store. Search for and launch the software you want to use from the portal instead of opening the application from the Windows Start Menu.

U-M Sites Mac Workstations

Many of our software titles are licensed and installed directly on our Sites Mac workstations. See the full list of our campus provided software.

Use Virtual Sites to remotely use Campus Computing Sites Windows-only software from our Macs.

Your PC Workstations

There are two options here:

  • Virtual Sites provides the full Campus Computing Sites Windows desktop experience via remote sessions.

    Key benefits:

    • Access from your own Windows computer
    • No install (web) and light install (local player) options
    • Access the majority of Campus Computing Software
    • No VPN connection required
    • Adobe Creative Suite available on “Virtual Sites - AA Campus Only”
  • Sites Anywhere downloads ready-to-run campus-provided software to your personal Windows device

    Key benefits:

    • Leverages your local processing power (no latency)
    • No timeout after inactivity
    • Quick start sessions - only require a partial download
    • Many apps can be used offline
    • Direct access to files stored locally

    Check your system requirements for optimal performance of Sites Anywhere.

Your Mac Workstations

Use Virtual Sites to access the full Campus Computing Sites Windows desktop experience and access most of our Sites Windows software titles.