Printing Charges

Students, faculty, and staff receive an allocation each term to print at Campus Computing locations (also known as Sites) as part of the standard computing services. Printing costs beyond the printing allocation will be billed to a student account or will require an additional funding source. Printing allocations do not roll over to the next term if you had a positive balance from the previous term.

Standard Computing Services Printing Allocations:

  • Students: $24/term *
  • Faculty & Staff: $3/term

A term is defined as a four-month period beginning in January, May, or September.

Check your printing allocation and funding using your MPrint account. (U-M login required)

Photocopies can be made using multifunction devices at select Campus Computing locations. Copies are charged at the same rate as printing. 

Documents sent to MiWorkspace printers are not counted toward your printing allocation. Learn more about using MiWorkspace printers.

Printing Charges

  • Black & White: $0.06 per letter-sized impression
  • Color: $0.23 per letter-sized impression
  • Tabloid: Each 11x17 impression counts as two letter-size impressions
  • Poster: $4.20 per linear foot

CAUTION! If you print to a color printer, your print allocation will be charged for a color print job regardless of whether the item printed was black and white or color.

Billing Information


Printing costs beyond the printing allocation will be charged to your student account. Charges from the previous month are added to the student account at the beginning of the next month. Dates listed on the student accounts reflect when the student account was charged, not when the printing was done.

Faculty & Staff

Each term, faculty and staff need to arrange funding for their account using a departmental Shortcode to print beyond the standard computing services allocation. You may submit an account request or contact the ITS Service Center to set up additional funding sources. Accounts may take up to one business day to be created after your request is submitted.

Purchasing Additional Print Credits

Note: Print Credits referenced here can only be used at Ann Arbor campus printing locations.