Printing Refund Policy

Refunds may be requested within 7 days of the print date. For refund requests involving poor output quality (i.e. illegible text due to low toner), please send scanned images or pictures of the document to [email protected]

Poster printing refunds will only be honored for technical issues with the printer.

Log in to your MPrint account. On the Recent Print Jobs page, click Request Refund under the print job to submit your request.

Legitimate Reasons for Refunds

  • Paper jam
  • Toner smears or streaks
  • Low toner (unacceptable print quality)
  • Other printer-related defects

Illegitimate Reasons for Refunds

  • Accidental printing
  • Printing to the wrong printer
  • Printing the wrong document
  • Printing multiple copies/pages than you intended
  • Printing one page per sheet when you intended to print multiple pages per sheet
  • Your document was picked up by someone else
  • Printing duplex when you wanted single-sided and vice versa
  • Printing in color when you wanted black & white and vice versa
  • Anything you could/should have checked first in “Print Preview”
  • Flawed print jobs due to user error

Your Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for verifying your print jobs by selecting “Print Preview” before printing.
  • You are responsible for verifying the amount you will be charged before you print.

Tips for Reducing Errors

  • Check print preview to make sure the correct material is being printed.
  • Check printing preferences to make sure the printer options (duplex, single-sided, odd/even pages, page selections) are what you want prior to printing.
  • Check the printer your print job is being sent to; pick one close to you.
  • Retrieve your print jobs promptly.