Digital Signage Hardware

Standard hardware is required for full support of the service. ITS Digital Signage has vetted a standard hardware installation.

Custom solutions consultation is available. Examples include:

  • Interactive Touch Displays.
  • Kiosk Stands.
  • Vertical Mounts.
  • System on Chip Displays (no separate content player).

Hardware Lifecycle

Expect to refresh signage hardware (computer and display) about every 4 years. Computers that are end-of-life are not supported by the Digital Signage service.

Hardware Support Through Fiscal Year FY21 FY22 FY23 FY24 FY25 FY26 FY27
HP 260 Mini - G1 Yes            
HP 260 Mini - G2 Yes Yes          
Dell 600 - G3 Yes Yes Yes        
Dell 600 - G4 Yes Yes Yes Yes      
Dell 600 - G5 Yes Yes Yes Yes      
Dell 5090 Micro   Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Dell 5000 MFF     Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Dell 7010 MFF (Current standard)       Yes Yes Yes Yes