Digital Signage Content Manager Resources

Training & Knowledge

Review these videos and knowledge base articles for help in building out signs.


Introduction to Content Manager Desktop (CMD)

An introductory eLearning video for Content Managers of digital signs at U-M (Campus). This course provides an overview of using the ITS Digital Signage service and the Content Manager software. (*for hands on practice you will need ITS to provide you access to CMD.)

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CMD Template Basics

An eLearning video for Content Managers to learn the basics of template creation. This video shows the creation of a template with 3 regions. This template will be relied upon in further videos and should be created and saved for future use.

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CMD Content Basics

An eLearning video for Content Managers to begin learning the basics of Content. In this video we begin adding content objects and editing the layouts for content objects on a new sign. Content Managers will come out of this course with a sign that has a weather and date/time content object.

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Introduction to Using Live Data in CMD

An eLearning video for Content Managers to learn how to use live data on their sign. This video focuses on the content feed object and provides Content Managers an understanding of how to create a Google Sheet that organizes and feeds photos onto their sign.

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Advanced Use of Live Data in CMD

An eLearning video for Content Managers to learn how to use their sign to parse live data from an outside source. In this video we pull data from a U-M Events page’s JSON feed.

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Knowledge Base Articles

Vendor Materials

Content Managers can register for a Four Winds (FWI) Interactive Community account to access training videos, user manual, and articles:

Digital Signage Templates

Digital Signage Templates are pre-built, downloadable templates you can use as-is or modify to suit your unit's needs. See Use Pre-Made Templates for instructions.

Publishing Community Content

Consider Adding the Community Content Feed to a Sign. This allows you to deploy fresh, pertinent images provided by University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine departments and organizations. You can filter to display rotating images geared to your audience.

If you would rather display a few fixed images, see Using Individual Images from the Community Content Feed. Preview the images and get details, including a copy-able URL, on the Community Content Preview page.

Anyone at U-M can contribute community content. Submissions are vetted by the Digital Signage team to ensure they meet our standards and guidelines. We periodically review community content to remove outdated images. If you have images you would like to share with other content managers, review the Community Content Feed Guidelines and complete a Digital Signage Community Content Submission form.

Contact Digital Signage if you need assistance in using these Digital Signage Content Manager resources.