Digital Signage

Information and Technology Services providesĀ a platform for strong visual communication in a wide variety of campus settings through the Digital Signage service. Digital signs support multiple types of static and dynamic content, have emergency alert integration, and provide mapping and interactive way finding capabilities. Content Managers have varying levels of remote control over design and content that can be scheduled months in advance for each sign or changed on a moment's notice for all signs. ITS is here to support your use of the system along the way.

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The high-level infographic above describes the foundational systems, knowledge, and support ITS Digital Signage provides so campus units can develop and manage their visual and interactive content displays data.

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The ITS Digital Signage team is available to discuss what flexible content management approach makes sense to accommodate your department's unique communication solutions, time commitment, and staff comfort level needs.

Review the content display offerings and see Getting Started for upfront considerations and how to request a Digital Signage service consult.

Zoom Rooms at U-M

Digital Signage on Zoom Room Displays

Conference space screens can show content outside meeting times, including the emergency alert system. Review Zoom Rooms as Digital Signs to learn more or request a service consult.

Turn your existing Zoom Room equipment into a digital sign by integrating it with the ITS-Digital Signage service. There is an annual service fee of $250 for each unique instance of content. If the same content will be used on multiple Zoom Room displays, there is no additional charge.

Please use the Zoom Room contact form and we will assist you with the rollout.