U-M Google August Monthly Summary

September 21, 2022

The monthly U-M Google summaries inform the university community of new Google releases and previously communicated updates.


In Google Docs, you can now choose to receive email notifications for document changes on a per-file basis. New notification emails detail what changes/edits were made, when the changes/edits were made, and who made them. Learn more about enabling “edit notifications” for Google Docs.

Example notification email for Google Docs edits

In the Google Chat emoji picker, your most frequently used emojis can now be found under the new “Frequently Used” section.

  • Extending grammar features to German

Google has expanded their grammar features in Gmail and Docs to include German.

You can now select a new RSVP join method that’s integrated with your working location. With the new option, Calendar will automatically update how you intend to join the meeting if your working location changes. In addition, others will now see your working location or out-of-office status directly in the guest list section of a Calendar event to which you’re invited. Learn more about setting your working hours and location and responding to event invitations.

New Google Calendar RSVP join option

You can now toggle between mute and unmute using headsets, speaker microphones, and other USB peripheral devices in Google Meet. This feature is currently only supported in Google Chrome or Chromium-based web browsers. Call control will work with most USB telephony peripherals, however, the experience may differ from device to device. Bluetooth devices are not supported at this time. Call control can be found under the Call Control section of your Meet settings (before and during a call). Learn more about Meet-certified headsets or speaker microphones.

  • Seamlessly delete subsets of Google Sites

Google Site editors can now delete a page with subpages and delete pages that were copied into another site during a partial site copy.

You’re now able to adjust your accessibility preferences for each product separately in Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings. In your document, spreadsheet, slide deck, or drawing, navigate to Tools > Accessibility > and select your preferred settings.

Google Site editors can now insert stylized social media links into pages within their site. Learn more about inserting social links in a Site.

Inserting new social links into a Google Site

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