Reminder: Google Meet premium features end on September 30

September 23, 2020

At the beginning of March 2020, Google extended temporary access to some premium Google Meet features through September 30, 2020. Soon, a number of these features will be going away, and on October 1, 2020, the standard Google Meet features will return. See the table below to view the features that will be leaving and those that will take their place.

Now through September 30 October 1 and onward
250 maximum participants per session. 100 maximum participants per session.
Livestream a session to up to 100,000 viewers. No livestreaming available.
Record and retain sessions indefinitely in Google Drive (premium).* Record and retain sessions for 30 days (temporary).*

Recorded sessions can be downloaded or shared.

Note: Meetings recorded during the premium features access period will remain in your Google Drive.
Recorded sessions cannot be downloaded or shared outside of the University of Michigan.
*Important: According to Google, they will continue to offer free premium recordings until their new temporary recordings feature is available later this year. Once temporary recordings are available, the premium recordings feature will leave the U-M domain. With temporary recordings, you (as the host) will be able to record a meeting and share the recording within the U-M domain for up to 30 days before the video expires. However, temporary recordings cannot be shared outside the University of Michigan or downloaded.

Visit the U-M Google Meet website to learn more about the service.