The new Gmail integrated view on the web

March 15, 2022

In an effort to merge Google Chat and Meet further with Gmail, Google has announced a new “integrated view” for Gmail on the web.

Minimalistic artist rendition of the new Gmail integrated view. There are lines connected to text that state what each new feature is.

According to Google, you may have already begun to notice a notification appear in the lower right corner of Gmail inviting you to try the new experience before it becomes the default in April 2022. (Note that you may need to reload the browser tab after clicking the Try it now button to view the update.) For more information on the new view, including the entire proposed timeline and common issues, refer to New Gmail Integrated View Information and Timeline.

Notification in Gmail asking you to try the new integrated view

To learn more about how to use the new view, visit the Google Help Center.

Important: You will continue to have access to Google Chat and Meet separately at their respective locations.