Coming soon: Visual changes to email compose fields in Gmail

July 21, 2022

Google has announced several improvements in Gmail to help you compose email more efficiently. When interacting with the “To,” “Cc,” and “Bcc” fields, key changes include: 

  • New right-click menu to view a recipient's contact information
  • Recipient profile pictures

Address fields in Gmail Compose box shows profile pictures with the names of the recipients

  • Better indicators when emailing an external recipient
    • External recipients you’ve interacted with before will be highlighted in yellow. 
    • External recipients you’ve not interacted with before will be highlighted along with an external icon and warning banner.

Two Gmail Compose boxes side by side, both have a recipient highlighted in yellow and the right image has a yellow warning box at the bottom

  • New indicators when adding a duplicate recipient
    • Duplicate recipients will be grayed out with a checkmark to indicate they have already been included in the email.
    • Gmail will automatically remove duplicate entries within the same field when dragging and dropping between the To, Cc, and Bcc fields.

Gmail Compose box shows a duplicate user grayed out in the recipient drop-down selection

  • Improved email formatting validation
    • To prevent errors, Gmail will validate that email addresses are entered in the correct format (e.g., [email protected]) and will prevent any incorrect formats from becoming a recipient.
    • If you add an incorrectly formatted email address in the address fields, you’ll see an error message prompting you to fix the error before sending.
    • Validation is only performed on email address formatting and does not check the accuracy of the email address itself.

Note: These updates may impact some Chrome extensions using the current Gmail Compose interface.

According to Google, these improvements should begin showing up in U-M Google sometime between July 7 and the end of September 2022 but could take longer to become fully visible to everyone.