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Google Meet (formerly known as "Google Hangouts Meet") is a videoconferencing service allowing U-M faculty, staff, and students to connect and collaborate with live video, audio, and screen sharing. With Meet, you can work from home or abroad and join meetings, conference calls, and group discussions from any computer or mobile device.

Important: Google Meet is a Google Workspace for Education core service. It is free, covered under U-M's agreement with Google, and can be used for certain kinds of sensitive dataU-M Google and Google Meet are not HIPAA-compliant. If you are affiliated with Michigan Medicine, refer to the U-M HITS site for approved communications software.

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How to Secure a Google Meet Session

Securing your Google Meet session ensures that your meetings stay private and free of unwanted attendees.

Participant Access without a Google Calendar Invitation

After joining your Google Meet session, you will have the ability to toggle off Quick Access from the host controls menu.

When Quick Access is OFF:

  • Only people invited by the host can join without asking.
  • Everyone (both external and U-M) who wasn't invited must ask to join.
  • People cannot join the session anonymously.
  • Only hosts can dial out of a meeting.

When Quick Access is ON:

  • U-M and external users can enter into any Google Meet session if they have the link or U-M nickname for the session, even if they weren't invited.
  • Anyone who has dial-in information (phone number and PIN) for a Google Meet session can join via telephone.
  • People can join anonymously.

Participant Access with a Google Calendar Invitation

Anyone invited to a Google Calendar event containing a Google Meet session can access it without asking to join.

Securing Shared Google Calendars

Google Meet session details in shared Google Calendars are viewable if calendar sharing permissions are set to anything other than "See only free/busy (hide details)."

Securing Individual Google Calendar Events

When scheduling a Google Meet via Google Calendar, ensure your event details are private. This allows only calendar event guests to view the meeting details, including the Google Meet session link.

Note: If your calendar isn't shared with anyone, you may not see these settings.

To change your event to private:

  1. Open Google Calendar and then open the event you wish to update.
  2. Click Default visibility and select Private from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Save.
Important: Once you change your event from Public to Private, the event's details cannot be seen by others unless they have at least "Make changes to events" permission for this specific calendar.

For more information on Google Calendar event privacy, refer to Google's Help Center.

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