Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is a core service covered by U-M's contract.

Jamboard helps teams collaborate in new ways: 
  • Sketch ideas whiteboard-style while benefiting from the access and connectivity of an interactive and responsive canvas.
  • Drop images, add notes, and pull assets directly from the web or Google Drive.
  • Connect with team members from anywhere around the world in real time. 
A session, or "jam," can be joined from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Jamboard supports up to 16 touchpoints (or interactions) at once on a single jam.
Note: Physical Jamboard kiosks have been discontinued by Google. If you own a physical kiosk, you can continue to use it without issue.

Example Tools

  • Shape recognition tool: Use a finger or stylus to draw a perfect shape.
  • Handwriting recognition tool: Use a finger or stylus to write, and it will be converted to text.
  • Insert sticker or stencil tool: Add images from the gallery to a jam.
For more information on all the features available, visit Google's Help Center or U-M's Overview of Jamboard documentation.

Integrated Apps

The Jamboard tablet app can be used with all of the features available. The phone app and web app have a subset of editing features. To add files from Google Drive to a jam, use the phone or tablet app.

Recording of Intro to Jamboard Webinar (23:05)