Google Chat

Google Chat (formerly known as "Google Hangouts Chat") is an evolution of the classic Google Hangouts chat service, adding additional features that let U-M faculty, staff, and students chat with individuals, send group messages, and engage in team-based collaboration with rooms across the entire university community and externally.

Important: Google Chat is a G Suite for Education core service. It is free, covered under U-M’s agreement with Google, and can be used for certain kinds of sensitive data. However, U-M Google and Google Chat are not HIPAA-compliant. If you are affiliated with Michigan Medicine, refer to the U-M HITS site for approved communications software.

Need to collaborate with video and screen sharing? Check out Google Meet.

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Google Chat is also available as a desktop application. Visit Google's installation page to easily download Chat to all your devices.

Tip: You can also use Google Chat within U-M Gmail

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