Google Chat

Google Chat (formerly known as Google Hangouts Chat) is a chat service allowing U-M students, faculty, and staff to connect and collaborate with team-based messaging. With Chat, start a message with one or more coworkers, create rooms for ongoing conversations with groups of people, and use bots to help automate your work.

Important: U-M Google is not HIPAA-compliant. Review the Sensitive Data Guide for types of data permitted for use with Google Chat.

Need to collaborate with video and screen sharing? Check out Google Meet.

Connect with Google Chat


Google Chat is also available as a desktop application. Visit Google's installation page to easily download Chat to all your devices.

Note: Google Chat does not integrate directly into U-M Google Mail but is expected to later this year, according to Google. Until Chat fully integrates with Google Mail, a separate browser window or a Chat client application is required.

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