U-M Dropbox Updates

Add searchable tags to files/folders in U-M Dropbox


In August, Dropbox announced a new feature, which allows you to add searchable tags to files and folders. You are now able to add and remove tags one-by-one or in bulk to any file or folder in Dropbox. Anyone who can view or edit a file can see that file’s tags, and only people with edit access can add or remove tags. At this time, tags are only available on the web version of Dropbox (dropbox.umich.edu).

Dropbox All files view on the web, three folders selected, red box around the tag field.

This feature should now be available in the U-M Dropbox domain. Refer to the Dropbox Help Center for more information on how to create tags for Dropbox files and folders.

Upcoming changes to U-M Dropbox sharing on the web


On April 5, 2021, Dropbox will begin to roll out changes to the sharing and permissions dialogue box for U-M Dropbox on the web. It is important to note that you will continue to use the same sharing and permissions settings you previously had available to you.

Old experience

 "Configure permissions", "Manage who has access", "Change link access".

New experience

 "Manage who has access", "Configure permissions", "Choose delivery" (which has two arrows)

To learn more about sharing and permissions in U-M Dropbox, see the Dropbox Help Center.

According to Dropbox, this feature should begin showing up in U-M Dropbox on April 5, 2021, and could take 1 to 2 days or longer to become fully visible.

Reminder: Store your sensitive data appropriately


As you may know, some types of sensitive data, including Protected Health Information (PHI), can be stored in/used with U-M Box and U-M Dropbox. You are responsible for using Box and Dropbox appropriately with sensitive university data and taking all necessary precautions.

U-M Box

Within U-M Box, permitted sensitive data should be stored in a folder owned by a Shared Account. See Shared Accounts in U-M Box and U-M Google for more information on how to request and use a U-M Box Shared Account.

Additionally, please review Box: Folder Settings and Permissions to learn how to set up a shared U-M Box folder to store sensitive data. 

U-M Dropbox

Within U-M Dropbox, permitted sensitive data should be stored in a Team Folder. See Team Folders in U-M Dropbox for more information on how to request, share, and manage Team Folders.

Additionally, please review Dropbox’s Team folders: an overview for more general information on using Team Folders.