Dropbox FAQ

How do I migrate my personal Dropbox account using an @umich.edu email address into U-M Dropbox?
Can I merge my @med.umich.edu personal Dropbox account with my U-M Dropbox account?

There is no way for you to merge your personal Dropbox account with the U-M Dropbox instance if you are using an @med.umich.edu email address. To transfer ownership of your personal Dropbox account files/folders to your U-M Dropbox account, refer to Changing Data Ownership from a Personal / External Dropbox Account to U-M Dropbox.

What if I’ve already paid for a Dropbox account?

If you have paid for a personal Dropbox account that is connected to your @umich.edu email address, your credit card will be automatically reimbursed once you migrate your account to the U-M domain. Dropbox will prorate the refund based on the number of days remaining in your agreement.

However, if you have paid for a personal Dropbox account that is connected to an @med.umich.edu email address, you cannot be reimbursed.

Why is Dropbox asking me to accept a Business Agreement? Do I accept?

When you first log in to the U-M Dropbox domain, you may be be asked to accept one of the agreements below:

  • "U-M Agreement: U-M has an institutional agreement with Dropbox, this includes the U-M data protection addendum, and a business associate agreement which allows for its use with Protected Health Information regulated by HIPAA. The U-M agreement specifically states that U-M owns our data, and Dropbox will not share it in an unauthorized manner or use it to serve ads"
  • Or, "I agree to the Dropbox Business Agreement."

You can proceed with accepting these agreements.

Any click-through agreements that Dropbox shows to users will always be superseded by our contract with Dropbox.
How can I tell the difference between my personal Dropbox account and my U-M Dropbox account?

When you log in to your Dropbox account through U-M Weblogin at dropbox.umich.edu, click your icon/initials in the top right corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu. You should see University of Michigan account at the top of the page if you are in U-M Dropbox.

Can I share sensitive data in Dropbox?

U-M's agreement with Dropbox includes a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which means you may use it to maintain Protected Health Information (PHI) regulated by HIPAA. HIPAA compliance is a shared responsibility. You are expected to comply with HIPAA requirements in your use of Dropbox at U-M. For details and a list of sensitive data types permitted for use with Dropbox, see Sensitive Data Guide: Dropbox at U-M.

What data can I store and share in Dropbox?

Check Dropbox at U-M in the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services for a list of the sensitive data types that are/are not permitted in Dropbox.

Can I store personal or private information in my U-M Dropbox Account?

Yes, you can store personal or private information in Dropbox. While the University cannot guarantee the privacy of faculty-owned scholarly or personal records, employees should take reasonable measures to safeguard against inappropriate or inadvertent access to their records. Employees should create a folder and indicate as “private” or “personal” all personal records or as “scholarship” or “research” all faculty-owned scholarly records maintained on University-controlled premises or property. Employees should maintain this information in an identifiable separate location (e.g., folder or file) from their business records.

Can I backup my computer/hard drive/NAS to U-M Dropbox?

No, this is not an appropriate use of your U-M Dropbox account. Additionally, Dropbox Backup is unavailable in U-M Dropbox.

If you need to back up your computer or store institutional data for archival purposes, refer to the U-M Data Storage Finder for an overview of storage services available to you.

What happens to my Dropbox content if I leave U-M?

Refer to Dropbox: Accounts for People Who Leave U-M for more information.

Note: If you lost access to content in Dropbox because someone left the university, you have 90 days to contact the ITS Service Center and ask if they can recover the shared data.

How much storage do I have with my U-M Dropbox account?

Individual U-M Dropbox accounts have 5 TB of storage. 

How do I find how much of my file space allocation remains?

The simplest way to check on your file space is in the Account section of dropbox.umich.edu. See Check the storage space on a Dropbox account for further instructions.

Can I use Dropbox with Canvas?

Yes, refer to Install the Dropbox App in a Canvas Course for more information.

Can I synchronize my Dropbox files between my online cloud storage and my computer?

Yes. Once you have installed the Dropbox desktop application, any changes you make to the Dropbox application are automatically synced to your account at dropbox.umich.edu.

Important: You must log in to U-M Dropbox and create your U-M Dropbox account prior to installing the desktop application.
Why am I seeing a red Dropbox badge with an exclamation mark in my file?

If you and another user are editing a file simultaneously and you both have unsaved changes, you will see a red Dropbox badge with an exclamation mark in your file. You can create a conflicted copy of only your edits to keep your edits and merge later. See Use Dropbox badge to collaborate - Exclamation mark for more information.

What is the difference between Dropbox Team Folders and Groups?

Dropbox Team Folders are similar to shared drives in U-M Google. A Team Folder is a tool used to share access to centrally owned files with your team. With Team Folders, you can automatically sync content in Team Folders to all group members and choose to share individual files/folders inside a Team Folder. When using Team Folders, the Team is the owner of the content in each folder and not an individual. 

Dropbox Groups are interchangeable with MCommunity groups. Groups allow you to share a folder or file with an MCommunity group to grant access automatically to all members in that group.

Who can request a Dropbox Team Folders?

Owners of MCommunity groups are the only individuals who can request to create a Dropbox Team Folder. Members of an MCommunity group cannot.

Is there a limit to the number of devices I can connect to my U-M Dropbox account?

Yes. In a U-M Dropbox account, there is a limit of five connected computers (e.g., Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) and five mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, iOS, Android, etc.) These limits cannot be exceeded. 

Does U-M Dropbox work with Internet Explorer 11?

On October 1, 2020, Dropbox ended all support for Internet Explorer 11. This means that they will no longer roll out updates for this version of Dropbox. We strongly recommend changing to the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.

Can I create and edit Google Drive files in U-M Dropbox?

Yes, you can create Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from within Dropbox.

Caution: Although storing and collaborating on documents containing PHI/HIPAA data in U-M Dropbox is allowed, caution needs to be taken when using the U-M Google or U-M Microsoft 365 integrations. Learn how to appropriately use these integrations if you are handling PHI, as neither service, U-M Google or U-M M365, is approved for use with PHI.
Can I create and edit Microsoft 365 files in U-M Dropbox?

Yes, you can create and edit Microsoft 365 Word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations from within U-M Dropbox.

Caution: Although storing and collaborating on documents containing PHI/HIPAA data in U-M Dropbox is allowed, caution needs to be taken when using the U-M Google or U-M Microsoft 365 integrations. Learn how to appropriately use these integrations if you are handling PHI, as neither service, U-M Google or U-M M365, is approved for use with PHI.
Why can't I locate a Paper document that I created in Dropbox before migrating my personal Dropbox account to my Dropbox UMICH account?

If you created your personal Dropbox account before September 2019, any existing Paper docs will no longer be located under paper.dropbox.com when you migrate to U-M Dropbox. Instead, you will need to search for the documents using the search function within Dropbox after migration. We also recommend creating shortcut links to the files before the migration. Instructions for making a shortcut are at https://help.dropbox.com/files-folders/share/shortcuts.

Can I associate my U-M Dropbox account with my @med.umich.edu email address?

No, it is not possible to associate your @med.umich.edu email address with U-M Dropbox. If someone would like to share something with you via Dropbox, it will have to be via your @umich.edu email address.

Can I use the HelloSign feature in U-M Dropbox?

No. U-M is not licensed to use HelloSign.

How do I see the Dropbox Directory?

You can see other members of U-M Dropbox by clicking your icon/initials in the top right corner and selecting View team and groups from the drop-down menu. If you would prefer your name to not be displayed in the Members tab, you can mark yourself as Private in MCommunity. Refer to Privacy and Your MCommunity Profile for more information. However, if you choose to make yourself Private, no one will be able to locate you and this could have implications on how you appear in U-M Google. If you wish to proceed, please contact the ITS Service Center.

How to determine if someone has a Dropbox account?

You can open a sharing dialog on a file, type the user's name in, and if they don’t populate they likely don’t have an account.
Always wait about 30 to 60 sec, refer to Unable To Share Files via Dropbox on the Web for more information

How do I turn on notifications for Dropbox Paper?

Refer to Turn on Dropbox Paper Notifications for more information.

How do I move my individual Dropbox account data to a Team Folder?

The owner of the folder can either drag and drop the content into the Team Folder from their individual account OR they can use the Move functionality located in the three-dot icon drop-down menu of the folder.

Can I view the shares and permissions on a folder in Dropbox?

Yes. Anyone who has access to the folder can view who it is shared with and their permission levels.

How much of my local hard drive space is used when I use the Dropbox desktop app?

Smart Sync for Dropbox makes an online connection that allows you to view the file on the Desktop with a network connection, but it is stored in the cloud. Refer to Dropbox Smart Sync for more information.

Do external users need to create a Dropbox account to open a shared link?

It depends. If you invited the user via Dropbox sharing to view the file/folder, they will be asked to create a Dropbox account before viewing. If you do not explicitly invite the user via Dropbox sharing and only share the shared link, they will not need to create a Dropbox account to view it. Refer to Share Dropbox Files Using Shared Links for more information.

How do I add external users to Dropbox Team Folders?

Create a subfolder in the Team Folder and add the external users individually at the level.

Michigan Medicine: Is the Dropbox desktop app pushed to Core Imaged machines or will we have to install it ourselves?

Michigan Medicine users on Core Imaged machines can install the Dropbox desktop app from the Software Center.

Can I upload new versions of the same file in Dropbox?

Yes, you can upload new versions of the same file to Dropbox on the web. You need to ensure that the name of the updated file matches exactly the existing file name in Dropbox. You also need to ensure that you are uploading the new version to the same location as the existing file.

Any shared links or additional collaborators will still be able to access the file the same way they have been.