Dropbox Team Folders

Dropbox Team Folders are created by request for groups, teams, or departments. Team Folders are designed to share data that is automatically available to all group members. Both files and folders inside a Team Folder can be shared externally. Content in the Team Folder is owned by the MCommunity group, which is also where Team Folder membership is managed. Additionally, subfolders and files within the Team Folder can be shared with MCommunity groups and/or individuals, as needed for more granular control.

Request a Team Folder

For more detailed information on requesting, creating, sharing, and managing Dropbox Team Folders at U-M, refer to Team Folders in U-M Dropbox. For general information on how to share content inside Team Folders, refer to Dropbox’s Team folders: an overview.

Note: Only Owners of MCommunity groups can request to create a Dropbox Team Folder. Members of an MCommunity group should reach out to their MCommunity group owner to request a Team Folder be created for that group.
Caution: If you intend to use the ITS Box-to-Dropbox Self-Service Migration tool to migrate your U-M Box Shared Account into a U-M Dropbox Team Folder, do not request a Dropbox Team Folder that you intend to use for your Shared Account data. The self-service migration tool cannot move files into an existing Team Folder. It will create a new one during the migration process. However, if you would like a Team Folder for another reason, you are encouraged to request one!

Additional Information

Warning: MCommunity groups larger than 1000 members will not sync to U-M Dropbox. Therefore, do not choose an MCommunity group with more than 1000 members as the owner of Team Folder.