Proposal Preparation State

A Proposal Approval Form (PAF) is created and in the Proposal Preparation state after the first page of the PAF Worksheet is saved.

diagram of system workflow of PAF in Proposal Preparation State

Project Personnel Collaborate to Complete PAF

During the Proposal Preparation state, Key Personnel & Administrative Personnel collaborate to complete the PAF. When you create the PAF, you must define who has rights to view and edit the PAF.

The PAF will appear in the Inbox of the Home Workspace for the PI & Project Team (anyone who is listed on the PAF as Key Personnel or Administrative Personnel), during the Proposal Preparation state.

Proposal Preparation Complete

Before the Proposal Preparation state is complete, the following items need to occur:

  • U-M PI signs the PAF/Conflict of Interest Statement
    • If not signed, a comment will be required when the PAF is routed for approval.
  • All required fields are complete.

When the U-M PI or Primary Research Administrator successfully completes the Route for Approval Activity:

  • a state transition occurs
  • PAF moves from the Proposal Preparation state to the Unit Review state

If all required fields were not completed when U-M PI or Primary Research Administrator routes for approval, an error message occurs. All incomplete fields that are required before a PAF can be routed for approval are listed.

System Workflow States