Proposal Management Access

Log in to eResearch Proposal Management with a uniqname and a UMICH password, and an eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) account is automatically created for you.

  • You are given the PI & Project Team role (you can create proposals).
  • If you need to be able to review proposals for your department, contact the Research Unit Liaison for your unit to obtain access.
TIP: If you cannot find someone in eRPM, you can create an account for anyone who has uniqname and a UMICH password, an MCommunity Sponsored affiliate account, or a Friend account. See Create an eResearch Account.

If you are completing a proposal for a faculty member who is not yet at U-M (they do not have a uniqname and a UMICH password), you can create an eRPM account for them after they receive a Sponsored affiliate account.

Important! If a faculty member previously used a friend account to access eRPM and now has a uniqname and password, please request a service ticket for the eRPM team to merge account data.  If the faculty member started with a sponsored account, then no action is needed.