Awarded State

Awarded is made up of a couple of states. The states the proposal goes through will depend on the conditions warranted.

The PIs, Project Team, Reviewers, and ORSP staff will all view the submission in the Awarded tab of their Home Workspace.

Diagram of system workflow once Awarded

ORSP Processing Award

Once the ORSP logs the award, the proposal moves to the ORSP Processing Award state.

Contract Administration Processing Award

If a contract is needed, the Award goes to Contracts and is in the Contracts Administration Processing state.

Award Sent to Sponsor for Signing

If a contract needs to be signed by the sponsor, the award moves to the Sponsor Processing state.

Financial Processing Award

When Finance Sponsored Programs is processing the award, the PAF is in the Financial Processing state. Finance Sponsored Programs creates the U-M accounts and Project/Grant Numbers (PGNs).

System Workflow States