Software at Campus Computing Sites

Browse the Sites Software List for software available to your U-M affiliation (student, faculty, student, etc.) on Mac and Windows computers. Software access is granted based on your affiliation with the university.

AppsAnywhere Software Portal

Software on Sites Windows computers is available via AppsAnywhere, a software portal similar to an app store. Search for and launch the software you want to use from the portal instead of opening the application from the Windows Start Menu.

Use Sites Software on Your Personal Computer

Use Virtual Sites to remotely use a Campus Computing Sites Windows computer from your own device. By using a Sites computer remotely, you have access to university-licensed, specialty software. If you have a Mac, you are able to use Windows-only software.

Request Sites Course Software (Instructors Only)

Request specialty software to be available on Campus Computing Sites computers for your course using the Classroom Reservation & Instructional Software Submission (CRISS) system. When you make your request, please keep the end-of-term Campus Computing Sites software environment freeze schedule.

Software Upgrades

Upgrades to software and operating systems are typically made during Spring/Summer semesters, when such integration will have the least impact on ongoing courses and projects.