Network Border Infrastructure System

The Network Border Infrastructure System protects the entire University of Michigan, while not impacting the transfer of large amounts of data.

The Network Border Infrastructure System is implemented by ITS Infrastructure, following requirements set in partnership with ARC, College of Engineering, Information Assurance, Michigan Medicine, and UM-Dearborn.


  • Stable and flexible network security threat detection and mitigation approach for deployment at scale.
  • Identifies threats and compares them to known threats.
  • Automates threat mitigation.
    • Traffic inspection
    • Log recording
    • Fully programmable


  • Protects all of UM-Ann Arbor.
  • Protects data while allowing uninterrupted research and academic activities.
  • Lower deployment and operation costs.

For details about what the new system does, see Network Security Threat Detection.

Note: If you are concerned this service might impact network research you are conducting please contact the ITS- NSO team.

Undergoing Work

ITS Infrastructure also supports  the NSF-funded NetBASILISK project, award #1925476, which explores the Network Border Infrastructure System architecture to better support U-M faculty and the broader research and education networking community. NetBASILISK was awarded a research grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2019 to help U-M develop a secure, high-capacity research network. this ongoing project is a collaborative effort of CoE, LSA, and ITS to develop a secure, data-intensive network solution to effectively transport extremely high volumes of research network traffic. This project enhances the university’s network security and helps the research community meet its needs. See the NetBASILISK website for more information on this project.