Extensions to the University Network

To ensure secure, efficient and proper management of U-M network resources, unit IT staff must consider how changes to one area of the network can impact the security of university systems, applications, and data, including the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of university information in transit.

UMNet receives all requests for extensions to the University Network. A frequent example of such a request is “I need new IP address space.”  These requests should be submitted as a Catalog Request through the ITS Service Center.

Once a request is received, UMNet evaluates the request work with the requester to implement the extension. If the UMNet team determines there are issues with fulfilling the request, they will bring in ITS leaders and work together with the requester to find a reasonable solution.

Security for the Internet of Things (IoT)

UMNet strives to provide the same amount of security that faculty, students and staff have at home. To this end, UMNet is increasing the layer of security for MSetup devices (including IoT devices) and users by placing the MSetup WiFi service behind a security appliance which will increase protection for devices on the network from malicious internet traffic. We anticipate this work being completed by mid-June. Be sure to register all devices through MSetup.

For best practices with Internet of Things devices, see Secure Your Internet of Things Devices.