ServiceNow Archive

ITS retired its instance of ServiceNow in September 2020, migrated most users to TeamDynamix, and archived historical ticket and knowledge data from ServiceNow. The ServiceNow Archive Viewer can be used to look up historical Incident and Case records from ServiceNow.

Who Can Access the ServiceNow Archive Viewer?

Incidents are available to all ITS and campus TeamDynamix technicians. Case records will be available to designated Shared Services Center staff.

Getting Started

1.  Go to ServiceNow Archive Viewer

2.  Enter U-M credential information.

3.  Select ticket type.

4.  Enter your search criteria.

IMPORTANT: In the first field, be sure to include the prefix letters with the ticket number.  For example, Incident 1234567 would be INC1234567.  The prefixes to include appear in the first field when you choose the ticket type: INC, KB, REC, RTIM, TASK or CHG.

5.  See one or more tickets displayed.

6.  Select a ticket to see ticket details.


If you are searching on the ticket description and get a timeout error, try the search again. It sometimes comes back very quickly after caching the initial search.

If you provide customer support and need information on a specific historical ServiceNow record that you cannot access through the ServiceNow Archive Viewer, submit a ServiceNow Archive Request Form.


Using the Viewer

  • I’m not finding something I expect or need
    Submit a request for help finding a ServiceNow Archive Record by selecting ITS-ServiceNow Archive Data.
  • When I click the back arrow on my browser’s navigation bar, I don’t see the view I expect
    When using the viewer, be sure to use the viewer’s navigation buttons to return to the home screen or the list view of the search results.
  • Knowledge articles do not have attachments
    For related content or attachments, contact the author.
  • Knowledge article content appears to be truncated
    If you encounter a knowledge article that appears to be incomplete, submit a request to ITS-ServiceNow Archive Data to check the PDF version of the article or the source data.
  • I can’t sort on search results
    If you search for a record and it returns several records. There is not a way to sort within the viewer at this time. You could copy the search results and paste them into a spreadsheet to sort and create additional filters in order to find the record(s) you need to view.
  • I don’t see close notes for requests
    Because close notes were not required for requests in ServiceNow, they are not included in the viewer. Close notes were required for Incidents, so are included in Incident record views.
  • Searching for short text strings in Incident records descriptions
    the text string for incident description searches must be five characters or more. Spaces are characters, so you can add spaces to your text search. If you want to search for a shorter word, you can add spaces around the text string.
  • Only one search field applies at a time
    Although there are multiple fields to search for, only one can be used at a time. Currently there is no capability to combine search criteria to narrow down search results.