TeamDynamix Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

TeamDynamix (TDx) Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a shared project management tool administered and supported by the ITS Project Management Office. The U-M agreement with TeamDynamix provides for unlimited, enterprise licensing. Under this model, ITS pays for enterprise user licenses and is the global administrator for the service. PPM is a global module in the TDx platform, therefore all projects in the University of Michigan instance are managed in a single location.

ITS adopted PPM for project management in January 2021. PPM will begin to be available to Campus Units in April 2021. See Using TeamDynamix PPM for more information about using PPM for your unit.

Wondering what other project management tools are available at U-M? Software Services has compiled a list of Project Management Software in use at the university. Visit their page to learn about these other options.

Sensitive Data

Caution: The TeamDynamix PPM application cannot currently be used for sensitive data. The vendor is working on a solution to bring projects into HIPAA compliance later in 2021.

Additionally, the PPM application is a single instance across the university, meaning any data stored in PPM is potentially viewable by other users.

Note: TDx PPM is currently not assured for use by staff affiliated with Michigan Medicine. Contact Erik Zempel at HITS for further information or to discuss your project management tool needs.

Looking for information about other modules in TeamDynamix? Visit the TeamDynamix Service page.