TeamDynamix PPM Support

ITS is the sole administrator of TDX PPM but works in partnership with Unit PPM Leads to support campus users of TDX PPM. ITS will provide technical support and guidance in using the tool; however, project management processes and expectations remain determined by and supported within the Unit itself. For example, ITS will not be able to provide guidance on which project management methods or practices will work best for specific projects.

Consultation within your unit is the best step to find support for issues that are not about the tool itself. You may wish to also browse answers to frequently asked user questions.

Any unit who adopts TDX for project management will need to identify a Unit PPM Lead who can provide unit-specific support, which includes training and rules for your area, as well as project intake and the process for creating, monitoring, and closing projects.

Contact ITS PMO if you need help finding out who your Unit PPM Lead is, or with any questions or feedback for the PPM service team.