Salesforce Center of Excellence

What is the Salesforce Center of Excellence?

The ITS Salesforce Center of Excellence (SFCOE) is a centrally-provided resource for Salesforce administrators, users, and campus partners interested in using Salesforce on any U-M campus.

The SFCOE is primarily focused on strategic, project-based work, helping Salesforce organizations enhance their existing operations, improve data modeling, and deploying new features. Preference is given to work that benefits multiple Salesforce organizations or furthers the strategy of helping university units work together.

SFCOE also offers consultations to existing U-M organization administrators.

To learn more about the SFCOE, see this presentation given to the Salesforce Community of Practice (U-M Weblogin required).

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is first and foremost a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, meant to manage the relationships between service providers and customers. Outside of Higher Education, this is typically seen as either managing a sales process or a service process.

When should I use Salesforce?

At U-M, Salesforce is used to manage relationships between different kinds of customers. Some units use Salesforce to manage and track interactions with outside companies seeking help from U-M units or faculty, others track engagement with students or alumni.

Beyond standard Customer Relationship Management (CRM), however, Salesforce is a platform where solutions can be built to address specific needs. If your unit's business needs involve tracking interactions with students, employees, or units at the university, Salesforce may help simplify your work and give you actionable insights into the work you're doing.