Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a cloud-based marketing and analysis platform for email marketing. SFMC includes solutions such as:

  • Customer journey management
  • Email marketing template creation and management
  • Audience segmentation
  • Data analysis

The ITS SFMC offering is integrated with the ITS Enterprise Salesforce Org, providing institutionally-sourced data, constituent relationship management capabilities, and ongoing support. Access to SFMC is provided as an optional add-on when joining the ITS Enterprise Salesforce Org and requires a Salesforce license.

Why Should I Use Marketing Cloud?

SFMC is a powerful, best-in-class email and marketing tool contributing to a 360-degree view of a constituent and providing insights into an individual’s journey with the institution. 

At U-M, SFMC is primarily used for email marketing, both to people affiliated with the University and also to those outside of the institution. SFMC has tools to create, manage, and personalize your marketing campaigns, email templates, and audiences. During and after campaigns, SFMC provides analytical tools to measure the reach and impact of your campaign. And, since SFMC is integrated with Salesforce’s powerful CRM tools, you can get a much deeper and more meaningful picture of your, and the university’s, relationship to a person.

Service Expectations

Email Templates in Marketing Cloud 

  • Basic U-M email templates are available for use by any tenant of Marketing Cloud.
  • No images are provided with basic templates. Unit’s must upload all images/graphics/media to use in all emails. 
  • SFCOE does not create additional email templates or modify existing templates. It is the responsibility of each unit to create/import additional email templates as needed. 
  • All templates are subject to U-M branding guidelines and best practices.
  • All templates used to send commercial emails must have a footer that is CAN-SPAM compliant and contains a link to the Email Preference Center (instructions are provided).

Email Sending Configuration

  • Outgoing email messages may be sent from different originating email addresses with a domain. Emails not using the domain cannot be used without prior discussion.
  • Marketing recipients must have the option to unsubscribe from commercial email communications using the Email Preference Center. Transactional emails do not require an opt-out.

Sensitive Data

The ITS Marketing Cloud instance is approved for FERPA data, but is not approved for other regulated data, such as HIPAA. For clinical or Michigan Medicine-related use cases, please contact the Health Information Technology & Services Service Desk.

Getting Started

The ITS Salesforce Enterprise Org is a centrally-provided resource for Salesforce administrators, users, and campus partners interested in using Salesforce. Open a ticket with the SFCOE to schedule a consultation with the team (U-M Weblogin required).