Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training

The following Marking Cloud resources are available to help individuals understand and use the system. It is recommended all users complete the training(s) related to their work in Marketing Cloud. All provided training times are estimates.

Note: All training materials are provided by Salesforce and may contain information on features not used at U-M. Whenever possible, the descriptions below indicate which parts of the training are not applicable.

Marketing Cloud Overview

Marketing Cloud Products (1 hr)

  • U-M does not use all Marketing Cloud products; this training provides an overview of what the tool can do as a whole.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Additional Resources

Email Message Design

Content Creation and Email Delivery

Additional Resources

Marketing Automation

Additional Resources

Tracking and Reporting

Marketing Cloud SQL

Additional Resources

Additional Documentation & Resources

Other relevant documents, white papers, etc. related to Marketing Cloud and email marketing best practices can be found in the Marketing Cloud Training Documentation Google Drive folder.

  • Marketing Cloud Help Resource
    This is a great resource with a lot of detail to troubleshoot and learn more about every Marketing Cloud feature. Filter Cloud = Marketing for Marketing Cloud specific help.
  • Prepare for Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification
    Follow the training on this page if you are preparing to take the Certification exam. The majority of the training on this page is listed above, but there are additional training and resources that you need to know for the test that are not relevant to U-M use cases.

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